GFNY República Dominicana


Successfully perform the international GFNY cycling event in the Dominican Republic, creating an unforgettable touristic sports experience for its participants, visitors and involved.


To be recognized worldwide as pioneers of the GFNY event in the Dominican Republic and proponents of Dominican cycling and tourism development in Punta Cana, thus achieving a positive and productive contribution to Dominican society.


  • Innovation
  • Excellency
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility


Antonio Acosta

Antonio Acosta (Tony) is a Civil Engineer, president of his own architecture and construction company, CONABESA, founded in 1994, actively involved in the development of housing infrastructure in the Dominican Republic. Tony holds a Master’s degree in Economics and an associate’s degree in Construction Administration. He is a member of ACOPROVI (Dominican Association of Contractors and Housing Promoters), forming part of its board of directors for several years.

Tony began his cycling career at 13 years of age as part of a youth team. Since then he has had an uninterrupted relationship with cycling that has taken him to the world of Master Cycling. He is a member of the Board of Directors of LICIMADI (Master Cycling League of the District) in Santo Domingo, which runs an annual championship of 8 races. Tony is also part of the founding group of TRIPLE 100; an international master cycling event that is now in its 18th edition, with a 3-day race that covers 100 km per day.

In addition, he has recently helped to form the “No Helmet and No Lenses” foundation that seeks to unify cyclists from all branches to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling and help communities develop the sport.

Tony has participated in many international cycling events such as:

  • International Master Cycling Week in Mallorca, Spain
  • Italy Colnago Grand Fund Miami
  • Great Oceano-Ocean Fund Panama
  • Return to Puerto Rico

After participating in the “Vuelta a PR”, he found the idea of ​​doing the same in his country, Dominican Republic founding Cyclo Tours RD; organization that offers the first and only experience of cyclotourism on the island making 4 tours a year.

In addition to cycling, Tony is passionate about golf, which he tries to practice frequently, as well as enjoying quality time with his wife and family of four children.

Edwin De los Santos

Edwin De Los Santos has worked since 2014 as President of the AES Dominicana energy group, made up of AES Andrés, Dominican Power Partners, EGE Itabo and current CEO of the AES Dominicana Foundation. He serves on the board of directors of several business associations such as the American Chamber. of Commerce, the Electric Industry Association and the Foreign Investment Association. Previously, he held the position of legal vice president of the AES Dominicana group and was a representative of the Dominican government before international negotiation forums such as the Free Trade Area of the Americas, FTA Panama – Dominican Republic, DR Cafta, among others. He has a Bachelor’s degree in law, with a master’s degree in business. Edwin shares his passion for his family with sports such as marathon runner, triathlete and cycling. He is also an avid reader and musician with a degree from Berklee College of Music.

Hamlet Montás

Hamlet Montás has a degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Marketing with almost 25 years of work experience in different commercial positions within the pharmaceutical industry where he has held positions such as Product Manager, Sales Manager and Commercial Director in local companies and multinationals such as Aventis Pharma and Bayer Pharmaceuticals among others.

From an early age Hamlet has been an enthusiast of sports in general, having practiced several disciplines such as Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and Racquetball. More recently in his adult life he is interested in athletics which he is passionate about and takes him to complete several Triathlons, Half Marathons and a Full Marathon (Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2012) but after that he suffered an unfortunate knee injury that drove him away to complete others more.

It is then when Hamlet decides to dedicate himself exclusively to cycling, with which he immediately falls in love and since then he has become an enthusiast of the sport completing a weekly average of 200 miles of training, completing more than a dozen local Gran Fondos and participating in the Gran Fondo Miami 2016 where he managed to finish among the Overall Top 5.

Currently he is racing in one of the teams of the Master Cycling League of the Dominican Republic (LICIMADI), completing an arduous annual calendar of local cycling competitions.