Short Course – 94 kms and 398 mts of elevations

Long Course - 150 kms and 973 mts of elevations

Our route begins in the very heart of Punta Cana with a wide range of services and entertainment where your companions, friends or family can relax while enjoying the race.


The first 25 kilometers of the route passes through a wide road with four lanes, two of which will be closed at your pace so you have the opportunity to take advantage of the usual tail wind of the area and can accelerate thoroughly from the very beginning.


From kilometer 26 we will enter a beautiful rural area of ​​an intense green where you will enjoy, on one side, some impressive hills in the background and occasionally the amazing Caribbean blue sea. This is the fastest section of the route because, although you can find moderate intermittent elevations, it is the favorable wind that will keep you at a very good pace for several kilometers so at this altitude you can still relax and enjoy the ride.


If you have opted for the short route, when you reach kilometer 47 it is time to turn around, but do not be overconfident because the challenging wind face you could meet.


If you registered for the long route, then continue enjoying the landscape until km 63 where you will reach your point of return. The true challenge for this route will begin, and it will not only be physical but also mental since all the wind that was favorable now will be a new challenge for your return to the finish line. When you reach kilometer 80 we will take a secondary road where you will find impressive landscapes and hills with relatively short elevations between 4 and 6 degrees.


When you have completed about 125 kilometers you will reconnect with the main road where you will then resume the 4-lane wide stretch to pedal at “full steam” to the finish line.


As you cross the finish arch, you will have lived the experience of being A PRO FOR A DAY, with the satisfaction of having battled for 150 km like a true champion through a challenging route, at one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations on the planet. From there on, you will be guided, either on your own bike or through one of our transportation systems to Punta Cana Resort & Club to be received, with a great beach party from the public enthusiast, on a beach of impeccable colored waters turquoise blue and white sands, live music and a great lunch that will help you recover strength to enjoy the rest of your holidays.





The first three cyclists to reach the goal of each category will receive prizes from our sponsors, each winner will receive, additionally, a jersey as a prize. The winners of the general race do not participate additionally as competitors in their category of age groups.




  • General m / f
  • 18-39 m / f
  • 40-44 m / f
  • 45-49 m / f
  • 50-54 m / f
  • 55-59 m / f
  • 60-64 m / f
  • 65-69 m / f
  • 65+ f
  • 70-74 m / f
  • 75+ m
  • Less than 90, sum of ages he and she *
  • More than 90, sum of ages he and she *
  • Team of cyclists (The best four cyclists of the team)


NOTE: Both team members must finish the race together, that is, with a difference of no more than 30 seconds, in order to be considered candidates for the podium. In this category it is allowed to push.

What’s the course like?

This might be the first question that pops to the mind of any athlete willing to win or complete the race at the GFNY_RD course. Team GFNY_RD went out to Punta Cana this week to work on your race logistics and film some of the challenges you will be facing on April 7th 2019 on your Be a Pro for a Day experience. The more we ride and explore the course, the more we enjoy the natural scenery, the friendly attitude of locals, and it’s fast rolling hills. Your GFNY_RD team will be sharing more information as we approach our event through our Newsletters, so stay connected.

As we ride North from BlueMall Puntacana located at the beautiful Punta Cana beach area, at about Km 30 we begin the sightsee of the Cordillera Oriental indicating we are going to Miches, which is the returning point for riders on both distances. All the way up to Miches, it is very likely to get a hand from tail winds, making it a very fast first section; after turning around long course riders will make a right turn up to the Anamuya region where the running hills await to split pelotons, so be sure to include hills on your training program

Leaving Anamuya behind, riders will get back to a fast paced road heading to Macao at the Punta Cana highway intersection; once there we make a right and we’ll be ~ 30 kms away from the finish line, likely facing a head wind, so save energy on those legs; you will need them to finish strong.